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I need a function to read and write file in phonegap.


function isTextFileEmpty(fileName){
   //this function should return weather the file is empty or not. If file empty then return true... if file is not empty then return false    

function getTextFileContent(fileName){
    //this function should return content of the file

function writeTextFile(fileName, textContent){
    //this function should write given text in the file

The www/ folder will have userinfo.txt When user will open the app I need to check is the userinfo.txt is empty or not. Suppose its empty then I will ask pin number... so user will enter pin number... so that time I will store the pin number in in the text file. So next time onwards I will check is the file is empty if its not empty... then I will get the pin number from the file and will use it to get data from server via JSON

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Did you succeed? Will be nice to finally see the answer –  31415926 Mar 3 at 15:16
@Qvatra I used Database to solve my requirement. –  rkaartikeyan Apr 4 at 9:53

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Here are the relevant Cordova docs: http://docs.phonegap.com/en/3.0.0/cordova_file_file.md.html#File

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Thanks for the quick reply... I already read the 2.7.0 document... i couldn't make it as function so I am expecting if someone help me.. –  rkaartikeyan Aug 1 '13 at 20:48
What did you try? All you showed was skeleton code. Further, I don't think you can (at least on iOS) modify files in www. –  Scott Hunter Aug 4 '13 at 11:00

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