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Hi I'm trying to save entered text from multiple QTextEdit widgets into an object called film of type Film but I don't know how to do it. titleEdit,durationEdit, directorEdit and relDateEdit are all of type QTextEdit. Here is the constructor for Film.

Film::Film(QString t,int dur,QString dir,QDate r):                                                                                                                                       

And the function that is supposed to take the text entered into the various QTextEdit's and create a film object with the values. Am I on the right track trying to convert the QStrings to plaintext? What do I do with the int? the obtainFilmData function is supposed to save the state of a Film object to a file.

void FilmInput::saveFilm(){
    Film film(titleEdit->toPlainText()),durationEdit ,directorEdit->copy(),
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You'll be better off with QLineEdit for single-line text and QSpinBox for integer value. –  hluk Aug 2 '13 at 7:50

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I'm assuming here, that all of your input widgets are QTextEdits. You can convert QString objects to int. You can do something like this to create your film object:

Film film(titleEdit->toPlainText(), durationEdit->toPlainText().toInt(),
QDate::fromString(relDateEdit->toPlainText()), "dd/MM/YYYY"));

Read this to find out about the date formats used in the QDate::fromString(const QString & string, const QString & format) function.

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You seem to have an extra parenthesis in here

Film film(titleEdit->toPlainText()**)**,durationEdit ,directorEdit->copy(),

There shouldn't be a problem with your constructor either.

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ok took out the parenthesis but that is not the problem, durationEdit is not even being assigned anything and I don't know what to assign it to do? –  Dmon Aug 2 '13 at 6:10

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