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I'm trying to keep a Toplevel window from being closed in OSX by intercepting window manager WM_DELETE_WINDOW event.

#!/usr/bin/env python

from Tkinter import *

def speak():
    print "woof"

root = Tk()
win = Toplevel()
win.protocol('WM_DELETE_WINDOW', speak)

When I run this I get two pop up windows titled "root" and "win". If I click on the red "x" close button on "win" to close the window, prints "woof" and then closes. However, if I run this same code on windows "win" stays open and keeps printing "woof" every time I click the red "x" close button.

How can I keep the Toplevel window from closing on OSX when I click the red "x" close button?

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See the reply to Python Issue 12584. It appears to be a bug in the very buggy Cocoa Tcl/Tk 8.5 that Apple shipped with OS X 10.6. Don't use it or the Apple-supplied Pythons in 10.6 if you are using Tkinter or anything that uses Tkinter, like IDLE. More info here.

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