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This is a followup question to warnings::warnif( 'deprecated' … ) with carp?.

here's a snippet of my code from Business::CyberSource on Github

note: the previous answer (in the previous question), and adding of @CARP_NOT have demonstrated that warnings::warnif uses carp. I attempted to substitute carp directly, the behavior was exactly the same.

our @CARP_NOT = ( __PACKAGE__, qw( Class::MOP::Method::Wrapped ) );

around BUILDARGS => sub {
  my $orig  = shift;
  my $class = shift;

  my $args = $class->$orig( @_ );

  if ( exists $args->{username} ) {
        '`username` is deprecated, use `user` instead'

But when I call this code

use strict;
use warnings;
use Test::More;

use Business::CyberSource::Client;
my $class = 'Business::CyberSource::Client';

my $client
= new_ok( $class => [{
    username   => $ENV{PERL_BUSINESS_CYBERSOURCE_USERNAME} || 'test',
    password   => $ENV{PERL_BUSINESS_CYBERSOURCE_PASSWORD} || 'test',
    production => 0,

The error is still reported from the wrong place (though at least not from Class::MOP::Method::Wrapped)

t/new-client.t .. `username` is deprecated, use `user` instead at constructor Business::CyberSource::Client::new (defined at /home/xenoterracide/Documents/Business-CyberSource/lib/Business/CyberSource/Client.pm line 314) line 6.

How can I make this report from the correct line number in the test file? (note: behavior did not change if I called ->new directly instead of using new_ok

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so you want it reports the line number of new-client.t or Client.pm? –  Alec Aug 8 '13 at 9:59
it should be reporting the line number in new-client.t because that's the caller. –  xenoterracide Aug 9 '13 at 19:38

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