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I am trying to create numerous plots with varying parameter values. When I submit the code below:

for(i in mars){
    for(j in 1:5){
        negRets <- -table1.matrix[,j]
        tauSigma <- gpd(negRets,threshold=i)
        tau <- tauSigma$par.ests[1]
        sigma <- tauSigma$par.ests[2]
        #cat("For ", reitPort[j], "portfolio and MAR=", i, "the parameter estimats are:", "\n")
        #cat("Tau= ", tau, "Sigma= ", sigma, "\n")
        exceedence.vector <- sort(subset(negRets, negRets > i))
        returns.sorted <- sort(negRets)
        pdf(paste("C:\\Users\\John Broussard\\Dropbox\\evtHandbookProject\\figuresTables\\mar_",i,"_",reitPort[j],".pdf",sep=""))
            plot(returns.sorted, dgpd(returns.sorted, xi = tau, beta = sigma), type ="l", col="blue", ylim=c(0,90))
            title(main=cat("Tau= ", tau, " Sigma= ", sigma), ylab=" ")

The plots are written to the files, but no title, and the y-axis label contains "xi=tau," not the value for xi submited in the plot code.

How do I get a title and the values of the parameters being using for the plots to be incorporated into the individual files?

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main = paste(file[i], any other variables not quoted, "StaticWordsinTitleQuoted", sep = "") – pepsimax Aug 1 '13 at 21:42
Do you want Greek letters for tau and sigma? Furthermore dgpd appears to be a function froma package not loaded by that code. – 42- Aug 1 '13 at 21:43

You are looking for the paste() function rather than the cat() function. The cat() function outputs an object while paste() concatenates a vector after converting to a character.

plot(returns.sorted, dgpd(returns.sorted, xi = tau, beta = sigma), 
    type ="l", col="blue", ylim=c(0,90),
    main = paste("Tau= ", tau, " Sigma= ", sigma), ylab=" ")

If you want greek letters see this question or this question.

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