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I am maintaining a printing program that now requires printing both a ~ and an * in a code128 barcode in zpl.

Currently, I am using the code below that uses the ^FH to represent the tilde in hex:


The barcode prints excluding the * and ~ as 'SPECIALMAKE123456'. Is it possible to print the tilde and asterisk in a zpl code128 barcode?

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As a quick guess, since I don't have a ZPLII printer immediately available, I'd try


(note A before the ^FH = Auto-select codeset)

Perhaps also forcing a codeset by ...^FH^FD>:SPECIAL*... may work, but subset B is the default in any case...

I located my old A300 printer, and was able to produce the required interpretation line using each of


Can't find my scanner to verify at present - but the computer room is a mite tidier...

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Thank you for the reply, I will play around with switching codesets next. –  Danial Wayne Aug 2 '13 at 16:13
When printing the code you provided, the label is printing as 'special2Amake7E123456'. should the interpretation line show the * and ~ or is this interpreted at scanning? –  Danial Wayne Aug 2 '13 at 16:15

It may depends on type of barcode. For example, to print in 'barcode 128', you have to change code to code B, by signs >:

And: to print tilde ~, type >=. To print ^, type ><. To print >, type >0.

Look to zpl documentation, to table with Code 128 Invocation Characters.

My sample zpl code:

^FD>:caret >< bigger >0 tilde >= end^FS
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