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I'd like to let people access files on my root domain directory without having to specify the file extension.

So, for example, there is currently a z9.html that a browser can access with www.mysite.com/z9.html. I would like to let people put in www.mysite.com/z9 to get the file.

The pecking order would be to look for a file of the name submitted with a .php extension, and then, if none found, look for a file of that name with a .html extension.

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I don't know why my question was downvoted. It seems like a perfectly reasonable question for the Apache group. The answer is to use Apache's mod_rewrite:

To map any filename without an extension to that filename + .html place the following in .htaccess:

RewriteRule ^/([^.]+)$ /$1.html [L]
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