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From the manual, I know that there are 6 different transfer encoding in IMAP.

At this point, I've created this basic function:

function translate_imap_body($body, $encoding) {
	switch($encoding) {
		case 0: return $body;break;
		case 1: return $body;break;
		case 2: return $body;break;
		case 3: return base64_decode($body);break;
		case 4: return quoted_printable_decode($body);break;
		case 5: return $body;break;

My question is, how do I translate 8bit, binary, and other encoding back to human readable message form? Or, maybe someone has better functions to handle this?

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To translate your 8 bit binary to human readable, try this:

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oops, asked the question too fast. A little bit searching got me this URL: – ariefbayu Nov 26 '09 at 0:46

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