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I'm creating a select_tag from data that is not from active_record. In my controller, I prepare an array suitable for options_for_select:

@opts = @yap_response["businesses"].map { |bus| [bus["name"], bus["id"]] }

And in my view, I make a select_tag:

<%= select_tag(:restaurant_id, options_for_select(@opts, @party.restaurant.yap_id)) %>

This works fine, and I get the id of the selected item in the params[:restaurant_id] as excpected. But I also need the string that was displayed in the drop down - in my case the name. If this had come from active_record, I could just look it up in the database with the id, but it didn't. And I no longer have the data I created earlier in the the other controller method. How can I pass the selected name back in params[]?

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I don't think there's a clean way to do that. But here are some work-arounds:

Option 1: Encode both the id and the name in the value, then split them apart on the server with params[:restaurant_id].split(':').

@opts = @yap_response["businesses"].map { |bus| [bus["name"], "#{bus['id']}:#{bus['name']}"] }

And the second argument in options_for_select will have to be "id:name", too.

Option 2: Add a hidden field, then use javascript to set its value to the selected name. But you're obviously out of luck if your users don't have javascript enabled.

Option 3: Add a hidden field filled with @yap_response["business"].to_json. Then JSON.parse it server-side and match the name with the id in params.

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Option 1 is fine. I tried something similar, putting both values in a hash, but you can't pass that through HTML. Thanks. – Daiku Aug 2 '13 at 3:36

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