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if you open up IE7 (or IE10 in emulation mode) and visit http://getbootstrap.com, then resize your browser to less than 700px, the top navbar menu doesn't show up until you hover over the contents.

how could this be fixed?

PS: i know bootstrap isn't officially supported in IE7. I don't mind if my site is ugly, I just want to get the functionality to work in ie7 (and right now, missing nav-bar menu's is no good!)

PPS: I know that in the usa ie7 is used less than 1%. Here in Thailand it's more than 5%, which is why I need to support ie7 still

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I just did some tests and I think I found a way to solve the issue, it's a javascript solution that listens to the collapse show event and sets the z-index of the list items and anchor elements inside the navbar

$('.nav-collapse').on('show.bs.collapse', function () {

I don't know exactly what the issue is with IE7 but I think somehow setting the z-index forces a redraw of the elements of some sort.

Here's the test fiddle http://jsfiddle.net/7jmNu/31

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You may find this IE7 for Bootstrap 3 CSS file useful. https://github.com/coliff/bootstrap-ie7

It fixes the box-sizing and adds support for the glyphicons among other fixes.

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