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I'm looking into using the Office Ribbon UI to help navigate around my application and provide different tools for the current selected tab.

I need the Ribbon to be plugable. Each plugin has its own tab and using a DataTemplate displays what's needed.

The main control area will have a navigation on the left and a Tab Control on the right. Multple tabs will be open most of the time.

Ok questions: 1. Is the Ribbon control the correct control for the job 2. How do i dynamically add Tabs to the Ribbon control through my View Model 3. Does anyone know how to define DataTemplates in an external assembly. I need to avoid configurations inside my main application IE make it plugable :D

FYI. The application is a POS system

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Are you using the WPF Ribbon created by MS on CodePlex? – Nidonocu Nov 26 '09 at 0:26
I'm using the MS Ribbon control from CodePlex – Chris Kolenko Nov 26 '09 at 0:57
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The Office Ribbon was the wrong choice for my design.

I've seen posts on using Prism with Office Ribbon to get plugins working

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