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this is not a programming question as such but still...

does anyone know of a service / spider / crawler that can fetch javascript or CSS resources embedded through standard methods (or lazy loading, whatever it can cope with)

practical use for it: search for a unique piece of code from a class or function you've written and get a list of sites that reference it. or, for that matter, search for something unique out of framework and get an idea of its popularity.

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http://www.koders.com/ and http://www.google.com/codesearch ?

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these are cool but limited in that they only display results from a particular set of known projects. I would like a search engine that can produce SERPs inclusive of text from javascript files. –  Dimitar Christoff Nov 26 '09 at 0:53
Ah right, I follow you. Okay, I don't know of one that does that. I mean google can kind of do it via ext:js [term] but it doesn't seem to have a large index. –  Noon Silk Nov 26 '09 at 1:09
yeah cheers... i am trying to trace sites that have copied js from my site blindly, including my google analytics code, which has created a mess of my stats... –  Dimitar Christoff Nov 26 '09 at 10:23

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