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I am using the Ruby processing library.

I would like to pipe output from a program into my code. For example, echo "hello" | rp5 run receiver.rb.

In a normal program, I know I can accomplish this with

while $stdin.gets
  puts $_
  puts "Receiving!"

And I know that in processing, the program loops through the draw function continuously. So I tried this code, but it did not work, since it freezes on the line puts $stdin.gets. So I know it must be a problem with the pipes not matching up, so I'm going to try using named pipes so that there is no confusion.

def setup
    puts "setting up"

def draw
    puts "drawing"
    puts $stdin
    puts $stdin.gets
    puts "after gets"
    while $stdin.gets
        puts $_
        puts "Receiving!"
    puts "done drawing"

Any suggestion would be appreciated. I'm running Ubuntu 12.04.

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Yep, the name pipes worked. Check out this example to get you started and make sure you have the latest version of JRuby loaded.

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