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I just want to do some straight conversion (almost just search and replace) but I'm having trouble just getting things to sit in place - I'm ending up with links out of place and duplicated content. I'm sure I'm doing something silly with my attempts at traversing the xml : )

I'm trying with:

builder = Nokogiri::HTML::Builder.new do |doc|
 doc.html {
  doc.body {
   doc.div.wrapper! {
    doc.h1 "Short"

      xm.css('paragraph').each do |para|

        doc.h3.para(:id => para['number']) { doc.text para['number'] }

        doc.p.narrativeparagraph {

           xm.css('paragraph inner-section').each do |section|
              doc.span.innersection { doc.text section.content 

           xm.css('inner-section xref').each do |xref|
              doc.a(:href => "#" + xref['number']) { doc.text xref['number'] }

           xm.css('paragraph inner-text').each do |innertext|
               doc.span.innertext { doc.text innertext.content }

                } end #inner-section                 


          end#end paragraph
        }#end wrapper
      }#end body
    }#end html
  end#end builder


<?xml version="1.0"?>


<paragraph number="1">
  <inner-section> blah one blah <xref number="link1location"></xref>
    <inner-text> blah two blah blah </inner-text>
     blah three

<paragraph number="2">
<inner-section> blah four blah <xref number="link2location"></xref>
	<inner-text>blah five blah blah </inner-text>
         blah six


to create:

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/REC- html40/loose.dtd">
<div id="wrapper">
<h3 class="para" id="1">1</h3>
<p class="narrativeparagraph">
 <span class="innersection"> blah one blah <a href="#link1location">link1location</a>
 <span class="innertext"> blah two blah blah </span>
     blah three</span>

<h3 class="para" id="2">2</h3>
<p class="narrativeparagraph">
 <span class="innersection"> blah four blah <a ref="#link2location">link2location</a>
 <span class="innertext">blah five blah blah </span>
     blah six</span></p>

I've been trying all sorts of things to try to get this to work, the basic html structure comes out okay, but the children of the paragraphs are a mess - any help would be very much appreciated. Regards, Ritchie

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Any noobs in the same boat as me - I've backed out of trying to use Builder and I'm getting there slowly but surely with: frag.xpath("//paragraph").each { |div| div.name= "p"; div.set_attribute("class" , "narrativeparagraph") } frag.css('inner-section xref').each { |xref| xref.name= "a"; xref.set_attribute("href" , "#" + xref['number']); xref.content = xref['number'] } – ritchielee Nov 28 '09 at 0:56
The html you've given as an example - is that what you'd like it to build? Can you provide an example of how it actually turns out? – Taryn East Mar 31 '11 at 18:07

There are many ways to do this, but if you insist on the Builder way, I would make a function that translates <paragraph> to <p>.

builder = Nokogiri::HTML::Builder.new do |doc|
  doc.html {
    doc.body {
      doc.div.wrapper! {
        doc.h1 "Short"
        xm.css('paragraph').each do |para|
          doc << translate_paragraph para.dup
        end #para
    }#end body
  }#end html
end#end builder

def translate_paragraph(p)
  # Change '<paragraph>' to '<p>'
  p.name = 'p'

  # Change '<innersection>' to '<span class='innersection'>'
  p.css('innersection').each { |tag|
    tag.name = 'span'
    tag['class'] = 'innersection'

  # ...

Not perfect, but it works with Builder.

I would also consider XSLT, or traversing the HTML tree recursively and building from there.

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