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I need to delete some node properties from my graph. Following the cypher guidelines I have tried the following:

START n=node(1)

I get an error message:

Expression `Property` yielded `true`. Don't know how to delete that.

I can replicate this on How are you supposed to delete the property of a node?

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What version of Neo4j are you using? Since Neo4j 2.0 (I'm not sure what milestone exactly, tried it with M03), properties are not "deleted" anymore but "removed":

START n=node(1)

Should work with Neo4j 2.x.

This is also reflected in the documentation. On the right side of the page (perhaps after some loading time) you have a pull-down menu for choosing your Neo4j version. When you go to the DELETE documentation and choose the 2.0.0-M03 milestone, you will notice that the "Delete a property" menu point disappears (link to the M03 documentation on DELETE:

Instead, the documentation for 2.0.0-M03 on REMOVE (here: does now list the "Remove a property" section.

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