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I am trying to unzip file from network stream using POCO C++ library on Ubuntu Linux, but decompessing fails with "Illengal state" exception. HTTPResponse state and reason are 302 Moved Temporarily. At the same time i can download and unzip the link with browser. What should i do with HTTPClientSession when HTTPResponse is in such state?

HTTPResponse res;
  std::istream& rs = h_ses.receiveResponse (res);
  if (res.getStatus () != HTTPResponse::HTTP_OK) {
    poco_error (logger, "http response status: " + std::to_string (res.getStatus ()) + " " + res.getReason ());
  if (!rs) {
    poco_error (logger, "responese stream is in bad state: " + std::to_string (rs.rdstate()));
  Decompress dec (rs, target_dir_.native ());
  poco_debug (logger, "Unzipping: " + dl + " ...");

  dec.EError += Poco::Delegate<Addon_Loader, std::pair<const Poco::Zip::ZipLocalFileHeader, const std::string> >(this, &Addon_Loader::on_decompress_error);
  dec.decompressAllFiles ();
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In the 302 response, there should be a header field which points out the new location. You simply have to follow that link instead.

See e.g. this link, or this Wikipedia page, and of course the actual HTTP 1.1 RFC.

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