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I was wondering if there is a way to check if a document with a particular ID exists in couchdb using couch python library. It seems that if I do this:

server = couchdb.Server('http://localhost:5984')
db = server['tweets']
mytemp = db[MyDocId]

and the document doesn't exist, the code throws a "ResourceNotFound" exception.

I could just catch the exception and put my code in the exception handling portion, but it seems too dirty.

I was hoping there is a way to have an "if" statement that checks whether a document with a particular key exists or not.


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Not really a duplicate, since I'm explicitly asking about the couch python library I can't really do the head http requests within that library (at least not in a clean way). I did read that solution before posting mine. Thanks for trying to help anyways! I appreciate the effort. –  Oleg Aug 3 '13 at 8:03

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The database object mimics to dict api, so it's very simple and native to check for docs in database:

server = couchdb.Server('http://localhost:5984')
db = server['tweets']
if MyDocId in db:
  mytemp = db[MyDocId]

mytemp = db.get(MyDocId)
if mytemp is None:
  print "missed"

See couchdb-python docs for more.

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