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I have a page with text input and a button. When I insert link to youtube video into text field and press the button - video downloads into the local folder.

The problem: how can I send link to local copy of the downloaded video back to the client?

More general question: How can I send a variable from server to client (this variable is temporary and is not going to be stored anywhere) ?

The code I have right now:

Client code

if (Meteor.isClient) {
    Path = new Meteor.Collection("path");

            'submit .form' : function() {
                var link = document.getElementById("youtube-url").value;
                Meteor.call('download', link);

Server code ('collection' part is not working)

if (Meteor.isServer) {
    Meteor.startup(function () {

            download: function (link) {
                var youtubedl = Npm.require('youtube-dl');
                var Fiber = Npm.require("fibers");
                var dl = youtubedl.download(link, './videos');

                // called when youtube-dl finishes
                dl.on('end', function(data) {
                  console.log('\nDownload finished!');
                  Fiber(function() { 
                      Path = new Meteor.Collection("path");
                      Path.insert({path: './videos/' + data.filename});


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You can use this small package: https://atmosphere.meteor.com/package/client-call . It allows to call client-side methods from the server in the same way as Meteor.methods do for the other way.

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