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I use Vim to edit my e-mails and what I do like hundred times a day is to delete all the quoted lines until my signature starts:

Some my text and the caret _

> Some other quoted text I want to get rid of
> Blah blah

My signature

What I always do is jVjjjjjjd or something similar.

I would like to be more efficient in this and delete everything until the double dashes. Unfortunately df- works only on the current line and I would like to specify regexp like "^--".

How to do that? Thanks!

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How about d/^--? (That is, delete everything from the caret position until the first hit of a search for "--" at the start of a line.)

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Thanks all. I like this solution because it's plain Vim. I will bind this to a leader-key. –  lzap Aug 2 '13 at 9:45
Just in case: :map <leader>d d/^--<ESC>:noh<CR> –  lzap Aug 2 '13 at 9:50

My mail_movement plugin defines motions to go to quoted blocks and corresponding text objects. With it, deleting a quoted block is as simple as daq (delete a quote).

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