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I want users to login/post using a social network account on my Xamarin monotouch app.

Xamarin Social seems to tick the boxes but is it good practice/secure to store the secret keys on the mobile device app rather than on the server (so authentication and token/code retrieval is performed centrally)?

Or should it be a more hybrid approach where the secret app keys are stored on server and passed to Xamarin Social (or Xamarin Auth) through a web service call when authenticating off the mobile device to a social auth provider (i.e. thus preventing the storage of key from being decompiled from app itself)?

Please advise as I would love to know what is best way as I've read on Instagram OAuth instructions that you should never put the app secret oauth keys in the mobile device.

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Xamarin Social is just a wrapper for the native accounts linked to the device. So its not storing any details with itself. Its just invokes the device specific functions. –  Mohib Sheth Aug 4 '13 at 8:45

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I think you mix the secret-key issue, for example facebook app secret-key is used by a web server in order to change app-wide settings while application key is just an identifier of your app and should be embedded in the client so that the client can make calls to the right facebook app.

All and more can be found here: Access Tokens

As i can read from Instagram Authentication docs it look very similar to facebook oauth2 authentication where you give a redirect url and after all the user confirmations the user will be redirected to the the given url above along with the access-token (notice that in this scenario you DONT need to deliver the app-secret)

But it's not always like this, each social network has it's own mechanism of authentication, google's Oauth2 api also has "client-secret" but it is not such a secret and for example in javascript apps you must embed client secret inside the app itself in order to authenticate to google through OAuth2 as can be read in this link: Using OAuth 2.0 to Access Google APIs

So it's not about Xamarin.Social using client secret or not, it's how the server you trying to connect to works.

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