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i've read that this error can be related to NSByteCountFormatter not supported by the target operative system.

This class is supported from version 10.8 (mountain lion). So i changed my project "Deployment Target" from 10.6 to 10.8, but i stil get this error.

Tried with make clean, reboot, nothing.. I'm missing something?

NSByteCountFormatter *sizeFormatter = [[NSByteCountFormatter alloc] init];
[sizeFormatter includesUnit:NO];

//fileSizeMb is a NSString
fileSizeMb = [sizeFormatter stringFromByteCount:[fileSize longLongValue] countStyle:NSByteCountFormatterCountStyleFile];

Error: no @interface for 'NSByteCountFormatter' declares the selector 'stringFromByteCount:countStyle:'

any idea?

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+ stringFromByteCount:countStyle: is a Class method. So you could either use

fileSizeMb = [NSByteCountFormatter stringFromByteCount:[fileSize longLongValue] countStyle:NSByteCountFormatterCountStyleFile];

but this will not have your desired countStyle. Or you change your code to

NSByteCountFormatter *sizeFormatter = [[NSByteCountFormatter alloc] init];
[sizeFormatter includesUnit:NO];
sizeFormatter.countStyle = NSByteCountFormatterCountStyleFile;

//fileSizeMb is a NSString
fileSizeMb = [sizeFormatter stringFromByteCount:[fileSize longLongValue]];
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I will try your suggestion when i will finish this project, anyway at the moment i solved simply by using this attribs = [fileManager attributesOfItemAtPath:atPath error:&error]; fileSizeMb = [[attribs objectForKey: @"NSFileSize"] doubleValue] / 1000 / 1000; Anyway thanks for your solution, i will definitely try that soon and tell you if it's working. –  Benz Aug 21 '13 at 16:18

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