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I'm using liquibase to execute oracle scripts. This oracle script, need to execute this function:

exec DBMS_UTILITY.compile_schema(schema => 'ECA', compile_all => false);

I saw that some people call this function using call statment instate of exec, and it works for me but with one parameter:

call DBMS_UTILITY.compile_schema(schema => 'ECA');

But if I add the second parameter:

call DBMS_UTILITY.compile_schema(schema => 'ECA', compile_all => false);

I get the following error:

call DBMS_UTILITY.compile_schema(schema => 'ECA', compile_all => false): ORA-06576: not a valid function or procedure name

Also I tried with exec:

exec DBMS_UTILITY.compile_schema(schema => 'ECA', compile_all => false);

And I get this error:

 Reason: liquibase.exception.DatabaseException: Error executing SQL exec DBMS_UTILITY.compile_schema(schema => 'ECA', compile_all => false): ORA-00900: invalid SQL statement

Althought if i execute in a sql console works fine.

Any idea about how to avoid this problem and be able to execute this function ?

Thanks in advance

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Try this:

<sql splitStatements="false">
   DBMS_UTILITY.compile_schema(schema => 'ECA', compile_all => false);
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I was going to reply with this solution. Thanks! –  eballo Aug 2 '13 at 9:24

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