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I have come across a problem which I am struggling to solve elegantly. I am more versed in RDBMSs so the way I am doing things may not be ideal.

What I am doing: I am having to keep track of items within a HABTM association. Whats more, there is a condition on the count as only items that are 'active' are counted. I have successfully used the association callbacks to track additions and removals from the collection.

The problem: I am also adding items to the collection via forms by setting the opposite instance's id to the form as a hidden field. This works fine, however the problem is that this adds the opposite instance straight to the collection without invoking the callback (the age old problem).

My Question: Is there a more elegant way to add add instances to the collection that invokes the callback?

Let me know if you need any more specific examples and I'll happily provide some.

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Have you try using the following mongoid3 callbacks?

  • after_add
  • after_remove
  • before_add
  • before_remove

More information here

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That's how I currently solve the problem. It is less than optimal because I have to do a lot of state management as I have to figure out whether the association callback has been invoked, in which case it should skip the model callbacks. I was looking for a solution with assoc. callback only. I understand that this may not exists however thought it worthwhile to ask you guys. – luxerama Aug 27 '13 at 8:45

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