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I need to check if a python process is already running. My code works in Linux, but in Windows I get "WindowsError: the parameter is incorrect"

pid = process_number
    os.kill(int(pid), 0)
    is_already_running = True
except OSError:
    is_already_running = False

Is there a way that works in both linux and windows (localhost is windows and real server is linux). OR, just a way that works on Windows.

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Can't you write a function that is platform dependent, and do different things on Linux and Windows? This blog post gives a clean way to do this.

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For the problems of various approaches on windows, see this question: How to determine if a Windows Process is running?.

For example

You can use GetExitCodeProcess. It will return STILL_ACTIVE (259) if the process is still running (or if it happened to exit with that exit code :( ).

But it seems that none of them is as trouble-free. To use the Windows Api, you need pywin32, or can call a kernel dll using ctypes. However if you hold a handle to the process (started with subprocess or such), then the things are easier...

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