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I installed Role Framework provided by ASP.NET using aspnet_regsql and then configured my application to enable Rules in web.config file using sql server provider :

<roleManager enabled="true" defaultProvider="AspNetSqlRoleProvider">
        <add name="AspNetSqlRoleProvider" type="System.Web.Security.SqlRoleProvider" connectionStringName="DefaultConnectionString" applicationName="gJobs"/>

When trying to access the security tab in ASP.net configration tool , I am getting the following error: "The entry 'AspNetSqlRoleProvider' has already been added. (D:\Programming\ASPNETProjects\gJobs\gJobs\gJobs\web.config line 69)"

I am using the membership api with the same connection string and it works fine

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Try adding a <clear/> before the add element

See http://weblogs.asp.net/scottgu/archive/2006/11/20/common-gotcha-don-t-forget-to-clear-when-adding-providers.aspx

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thanks for replay... connection successfully performed after inserting the <clear />....now I am getting error message when trying to access security tab : "The following message may help in diagnosing the problem: Index was outside the bounds of the array." –  Samih A Aug 2 '13 at 10:07
you will need to post more detail –  Daniel Powell Aug 2 '13 at 10:29
what details do you ask for in order to post it ? –  Samih A Aug 2 '13 at 10:43
the exception information it will have a code location –  Daniel Powell Aug 2 '13 at 10:44
unfortunately I get the error without details in security tag page –  Samih A Aug 2 '13 at 10:48

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