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I am using ACRA to send crash report of my application. I want to use free hosting services of Cloudant.

I had created a database on cloudant name "mobile" & generated key for it with write permission using it.

I have added acra-4.5 jar file in my app & build path.

formUriBasicAuthLogin has key, formUriBasicAuthLogin has password.

Code use in my application class-

@ReportsCrashes(formKey = "",
formUri = "",

 reportType = org.acra.sender.HttpSender.Type.JSON,

 httpMethod = org.acra.sender.HttpSender.Method.PUT,

 mode = ReportingInteractionMode.TOAST,
resToastText = R.string.app_name

 public class Mobile extends Application{

public void onCreate() {

    // TODO Auto-generated method stub


I have get exception:-

Failed to send crash report for 1375431176000-approved.stacktrace

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Is that the entirety of the exception message? Seems tragically sparse. – garbados Aug 6 '13 at 20:57

In Cloudant, documents are created via POST. PUT against a URL like that is attempting to create a new database with the name "mobile", whereas a POST attempts to create a document within that database. Check our docs on database and document methods for more details.

So, specifically, try changing this line...

httpMethod = org.acra.sender.HttpSender.Method.PUT, this:

httpMethod = org.acra.sender.HttpSender.Method.POST,
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Also, the CloudAnt database name needs to be preceded by 'acra' In your case, it would be 'acra-mobile' as per the documentation here

Also, your URL path should look like this (remove whitespaces)

https:// [my-user-id] . cloudant . com/ [my-database] / _design/ acra-storage/ _update/ report

and the Http method should be like this

httpMethod = org.acra.sender.HttpSender.Method.POST

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