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I want to draw a square lattice with Networkx. I did something like this:

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import numpy as np
import networkx as nx

G = nx.Graph()

for i in np.arange(L*L):
   pos[i] = (i/L,i%L)



However the output is just a blank figure. How do I resolve this?

Also, I would like to join the points horizontally and vertically with arrows. The direction of the arrows going from (i,j) to (i+1,j) should depend on the sign of the i,j element of a matrix A which I already have. How to do this?

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These is an explicit graph constructor for this nx.grid_2d_graph:

G = nx.grid_2d_graph(L,L)

enter image description here

We can modify this undirected graph into a directed graph that fits your edge criteria. As an example, I've removed edges that point away from the origin. You can adapt this to fit your needs:

G2 = nx.DiGraph(G)
for edge in G2.edges():
    if edge != tuple(sorted(edge)):


enter image description here

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