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I have three js files in my project and there are around 15 functions repeated in each file. They are sort of utility functions. To avoid this repetition, I used $.extend :

   myFunction1 : function(){},
   myFunction2 : funciton(){},...and so on

This approach worked perfectly and I was able to call $.myFunction1() anywhere in the js file.

But, I wanted to create an object that contains all these utility functions. So my other approach was like

MyApp = {
  myFunction1 : function(){},
   myFunction2 : funciton(){}, ... and so on

And I was able to call MyApp.myFunction1() anywhere in the 3 files as MyApp is a global variable.

But I do not want to make it a global variable. All I want is I could call $.MyApp.myFunction1() anywhere in my code. Is there a way to do it?

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As far as I can see the only sensible option is a global object. If you want to access something from anywhere it needs to be global.

If you look at most utility libraries e.g you will see the same thing. They use a global namespace (similar to your MyApp object) which is just named '_'.

If you try to add the functions to each object individually you will be duplicating them in memory for each object which is a waste.

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