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I have an observableArray

self.items= ko.observableArray([]);

that contains Items of the following

self.item = function () {

I have another object People

self.people = ko.observableArray([]);

which which is an observableArray of a person obj that has an instance of the items observableArray

I can add to these fine and everything is working as it should.

The problem comes when I try to edit an item within the items array within a person.

This is how the items are displayed.

<!-- ko foreach:  items-->
    <input class="number" data-bind="value: number" />
<!-- /ko -->

Is there a way to tie down the change to a specific item?

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How are you updating an item? –  Benjamin Gruenbaum Aug 2 '13 at 10:07
Also, if you want properties of item changing causing the item changing in the UI you need to make its properties observables –  Benjamin Gruenbaum Aug 2 '13 at 10:07
From your description all persons have a reference to the same self.items so it's logical that when you modify an item all persons are impacted. If you don't want that, each person should have its very own observable array of items. –  Joan Charmant Aug 2 '13 at 10:24
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If you nest your view models properly, Knockout will bind inputs to the specific items correctly without extra work on your part. You haven't been 100% clear about what your view models look like, but here's a setup that should work.

Supposing your two viewmodels look like this:

var Item = function(name, nr) {
    this.name = ko.observable(name);
    this.number = ko.observable(nr);

var Person = function(name) {
    this.name = ko.observable(name);
    this.items = ko.observableArray([]);

and your root view model has an observableArray of people as mentioned in the question, like this:

var vm = { people: ko.observableArray([]) }

With this, you can add new Person objects to the people array, and give those people individual Item objects in their items arrays.

The following view will generate input fields for every single item, where changes are "tied to specific items":

<div data-bind='foreach: people'>
    <h3 data-bind="text: name"></h3>
    <!-- ko foreach:  items-->
      <span data-bind="text: name"></span>:
      <input class="number" data-bind="value: number" />
    <!-- /ko -->

See this fiddle for a demo.

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