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I'm trying to write the SQL query in iReport with LIKE syntaxis.
I write query with :

... AND voc_agent.id LIKE '%$P!{LABEL}%'

It is works. But know I want check the P{LABEL} on NULL
I wrote

... $P!{LABELL}
$P!{LABELL} = ($P!{LABEL}==null? "" :"AND voc_agent.id LIKE '%" + $P{LABEL}+ "%'")

The result is :

Error filling print... Error evaluating expression :      Source text : ($P{LABEL} == null ? "" : "AND voc_agent_commercial_terms.label LIKE '%" + $P{LABEL} + "%'")

What I'm doing wrong?

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What kind of database are you using? –  Lisa Aug 2 '13 at 12:25

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afaik conditional expressions are not working in queries. how about using a variable instead? put your conditional expression into a string variable and use the variable inside the query.

Or see the link that lisa posted: "Rolling up" groups in Jaspersoft iReport

it's a much better answer ;)

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Matt Dahlman helped me with something similar in the past, so here is a link to his example: stackoverflow.com/questions/10897962/… –  Lisa Aug 2 '13 at 12:33

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