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Hi I've the following code in jsp. I am trying to pass the value to javascript as follows. But it is not working.The code is as follows:

    <td><button name = "btn" onclick="callMe(<c:out value='${bus.vehicleId}'/>")>Show Details</button></td>

(Vehicle id is printing if I use in my jsp.) Javascript is like this.

    function callMe(myId) {

Here I am getting value as "undefined". I've tried in different way as follows

    <td><button name = "btn" onclick="callMe('${bus.vehicleId}')>Show tails</button></td>

This is also not working.Please help me asap.

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Debug what you actually have in ${bus.vehicleId}. –  Alex Aug 2 '13 at 12:36

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Your vehicleID might be string. If so, Yes! you get always undefined as a result. What ever the values coming as a result of <c:out value='${bus.vehicleId}'/> will be treated as a variable in html and javascript trying to print that variable value, which is undefined.

Try this way to let java script treat that jstl value as string literal


Find single colon and double colons positions!

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<tr class="txtnbmed">
<td align="center"><c:out value="${conPartRef.opCode}" /></td>
<td align="center"><html:select property="approvalStatus" indexed="true" name="conPartRef">
<option value="" <c:if test="${conPartRef.approvalStatus==''}">selected</c:if>>--- SELECT ---
<option value="A" <c:if test="${conPartRef.approvalStatus=='A'}">selected</c:if> >Approved
<option value="R" <c:if test="${conPartRef.approvalStatus=='R'}">selected</c:if> >Rejected

<input type="button" class="txtMF" value="Confirm & Print Supplement RO" onclick="doMarkAsOFP(this.form)">

function doMarkAsOFP(form) {
// need to get approvalStatus values and the opCode values.
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