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I have a DataTable that gets me ID, Description, OptionID

ID  Description OptionID
1   TEST        1
2   TEST2       1
2   TEST3       1
3   TEST4       2

Then based on a criteria I select OptionID 1 and add to list in order to remove duplicates:

 DataRow[] datarow = dt.Select("OptionID = 1");
 AddToList(lst, datarow);

Here is How I remove duplicates and and return a list of DataRow:

 private static List<DataRow> RemoveDuplicate(List<DataRow> drAllOptions)
        List<DataRow> ldr = new List<DataRow>();
        List<int> safeGuard = new List<int>();
        foreach (DataRow dr in drAllOptions)
            if (!safeGuard.Contains(Convert.ToInt32(dr["ID"])))

        return ldr;

And then assign the returned list of DataRow to Repeater, now I want to sort this list, tried using lst.sort() but I get an exception of Failed to compare two elements in the array. Any help would be appreciated.

PS. Am using .NET 2.0

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You have to say sort how to sort. Take a look at this example

You have to do some kind of this

private static int MyComp(DataRow left, DataRow right)
    if (left["ID"] == right["ID"])
       return 0;
       return 1;

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Remove Duplicates

public DataTable RemoveDuplicateRows(DataTable dTable, string colName)
   Hashtable hTable = new Hashtable();
   ArrayList duplicateList = new ArrayList();

   //Add list of all the unique item value to hashtable, which stores combination of key, value pair.
   //And add duplicate item value in arraylist.
   foreach (DataRow drow in dTable.Rows)
      if (hTable.Contains(drow[colName]))
         hTable.Add(drow[colName], string.Empty); 

   //Removing a list of duplicate items from datatable.
   foreach (DataRow dRow in duplicateList)

   //Datatable which contains unique records will be return as output.
      return dTable;

Here Links below



For remove duplicates in column

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