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How can we get the changed files and not folder in SVN command line? I can use this command to get all changed files & folders:

svn st | findstr "^[ADMR]"

But I don't know how to filter the files only as I don't want to get the folders.


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You could write a script that pipes svn st to svn cat. The latter fails on directories, so you could filter the output of svn stat by the exit code of svn cat ... but that might be like using a sledgehammer instead of a screwdriver to turn a screw ... –  Sameer Singh Aug 2 '13 at 11:33

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It's not pretty, but...

In Unlx/Linux/MacOS X:

$ svn status | while read status file
[ -f "$file" ] && printf "%s\t\%s\n" "$status" "$file"

If you are in Kornshell, you can use print "$status\t$file" instead ofprintf. If you are in BASH, you can simply useechoinstead ofprintf, but only if you've turned onshopt -s xpg_echo` first.

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