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I've setup a github page, but my images are not loading. The site and The Site's Repo

I saw this question Images in github pages and relative links where it said that GitHub is run on Linux servers, thus case-sensitive. I can checked that the href directory is the same case.

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Files with underscores are treated specially by GitHub pages. You need to add a .nojekyll file in the root path, to turn off jekyll.

Look at this page for details

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First of all you could try removing the tailing slashes in your <img>-tags (and all the others that have it) as this violates the HTML 5 specification.

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Thanks took the / away from tags in the index.html, but that didn't do anything. I may have messed up the vertical-align now somehow because there is a gap with the main image and the thumbnails. – Patrick Aug 2 '13 at 11:01

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