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I use Camera.Parameters#setPictureSize() in my application to get the higher resolution image for Camera#takePicture(). I use Camera.Parameters#getSupportedPictureSizes to get this size.

This works fine, except on a Sony Xperia S : in Logcat, the only thing I get after calling Camera#takePicture() is a line saying :

Error -2147483648

I finally managed to discover that the best picture size of this phone was 4000x3000, which seemed far too big for me. Si I tried by setting the picture size manually at 1920x1080, and takePicture worked, then.

Here is my code for getting best picture size :

    private Camera.Size getBestPictureSize(int width, int height,
        Camera.Parameters parameters) {
    Camera.Size result = null;
    for (Camera.Size size : parameters.getSupportedPictureSizes()) {
        Log.d(this.getClass().getName(), "getBestPictureSize() - s(n) = "
                + size.width + "x" + size.height);
        if (result == null) {
            result = size;
        } else {
            if (size.width > result.width) {
                result = size;
    return result;

So, do you know a way to get the best picture size of a device, and being sure that takePicture will work as expected ?

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Maybe not the best solution, but this is what I use in a project I'm working on.-

private Size getPreferredPictureSize() {
    Size res = null;
    List<Size> sizes = camera.getParameters().getSupportedPictureSizes();

    for (Size s : sizes) {
        float ratio = (float) s.width / (float) s.height;
        if (ratio == defaultCameraRatio && s.height <= PHOTO_HEIGHT_THRESHOLD) {
            res = s;
    return res;

Where defaultCameraRatio is the aspect ratio of the default camera resolution; you can get it like this.-

Camera.Parameters params = camera.getParameters();
defaultCameraRatio = (float) params.getPictureSize().width / (float) params.getPictureSize().height;

And PHOTO_HEIGHT_THRESHOLD is a 'reasonable' max height, such as 960. So, in summary, you will get a smaller resolution keeping the same aspect ratio as the default one.

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Actually, I try to get the biggest resolution available for the device. So, my problem is that the biggest one on the Xperia S doesn't seem to be supported by takePicture() –  yyouf Aug 2 '13 at 13:03
Mm I see... Still, chances are that you're facing a memory issue, as although 4000x3000 may be an available resolution doesn't mean your device will have free memory enough to do the task. –  ssantos Aug 2 '13 at 13:09

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