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I know the method to find a model in a collection from a single attribute,

   var musketeers = friends.where({job: "Musketeer"});

but if i want contemporary find by two attribute and return a single result? My idea is to find once a time the single attributes and after connect the two result:

   var name = friends.where({name: "stefano"});
   var surname = friends.where({surname: "maglione"});

and after connect the results.

I need because i'm coding a search function to find people based on name and surname. But there is another problem:if user insert before name and after surname or vice versa?

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You could also use the filter method to achieve it

var musketeers = friends.filter(function(friend) {
     return friend.get('job') === stefano' && friend.get('surname') === 'maglione';
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Collection.where in fact accepts multiple attributes:

where collection.where(attributes)
Return an array of all the models in a collection that match the passed attributes.
Useful for simple cases of filter.

You could write your request as

var found = friends.where({
    name: "stefano",
    surname: "maglione"

See for a demo

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