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I am wondering for the udp multicast to work, router must support it?

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Multicast is based on dynamically generated trees that can (theoretically) span the entire internet. These multicast trees are based on two protocols:

  • IGMP: Internet Group Management Protocol. Used by receivers and users like me and you.
  • PIM: Protocol Independent Multicast. Used by routers to replicate and reroute the packets accordingly.

The client needs to be IGMP-compatible, and the routers need to be PIM-compatible.

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To be precise, you will need a multicast router if you want the traffic to traverse different subnets. Normally you can expect multicast to work fine on your local subnet.

Side note, many layer 2-3 switches do not include multicast routing functionality, they can however forward to an external multicast router. Multicast routing can be enabled in CISCO routers, etc.

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