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I would like to create an email service for all the users on my site for ex abc@xyz.com where users can be able to send and receive personalized emails , Basic feature only send and receive emails in Rails .

User can register for email id at xyz.com and send and recieve emails from xyz.com

Are there any solution already available in Rails ? Is there any gem or plugin for the same ?

if i need to start from scratch any resources which is helpful for solving the problem , please share it.

Thanks :)

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Assuming you want to store these users in a SQL database, perhaps you can configure an MTA and an IMAP server to use your Rails database as the user database, then use Squirrelmail or any other web mail client to provide the e-mail user interface.

I believe both Dovecot IMAP server and the Postfix MTA can use MySQL or PostgreSQL to lookup/authenticate users.

There seems to be a webmail app in Rails http://mailr.org/.

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