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i have loaded json data into list in sencha touch using itemTpl , everything is getting displayed properly as of now but somehow itemtap event of the list is not getting fired. i don't know what is the reason, following is my code where one can see the listeners inside config and nothing happens there.

        plugins: [{
            xclass: 'Ext.plugin.ListPaging',
            autoPaging: true
        itemTpl: [ 
            '<div class="demo-inner-list-item">',
                '<table border="0" >',
                        '<td rowspan="5">',
                            '<div class="demo-img-frame">',
                        '<td class="demo-list-text">{member_name}</td>',
                        '<td class="demo-list-sub-text">{member_status}</td>',
                        '<td class="demo-list-sub-text">{member_dob:date("F j , Y")}</td>',
                        '<td class="demo-list-sub-text">{member_designation} - {member_work_loc}</td>',
        listeners: {
            itemtap: function (list, index, item, evt) {
    initialize: function() {
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i found the problem i haven't called this.callParent() in my initializefunction of List

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