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I have to watch for changes in files in Windows. I saw a lot of articles, and selected some ways that I found:

That's good way, but I don't want to create 3 threads for 3 files.

  1. using ReadDirectoryChangesW. In separated thread in while(TRUE) I can call ReadDirectoryChangesW before I don't get not finished statement.

Problems: I need to watch for a files in different places like one in C:\folder1\smooth1.txt and one in D:\folder2\smooth2.txt. Also it should be possible subscribe a lot of files. Does somebody knows is it possible realize it? because I saw only one call for one directory or file.

  1. Changing Journals (unsuitable)

  2. SHChangeNotifyRegister

  3. FindFirstChangeNotification it's not comfortable

Probably somebody knows other mechanismes of notification where I don't have to create new threads or something like that : just bind a handler to notification from system.

Which way is better, from these counted here? Can somebody provide example of realization these 3 ways?

Thank you

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SHChangeNotifyRegister does not require to run on a separate thread. A sample implementation can be found at Change Notify Watcher Sample. –  IInspectable Aug 2 '13 at 15:09
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