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I've created new grails plugin with this quick start reference.
How could I install it to local and remote repository to make it available for other plugins to depend on.


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If you are creating a grails "plugin", you should be referring to this information instead. The one you are referring is for creating a Grails Application.

Grails app (one you are referring to) creates a deployable component which can be deploed to any container and accessed. On the other hand, grails plugins are extension/modules that are created and maintained separately. packaged as zip and are plugged to any Grails Application when required.

If you are creating a grails plugin and want to push it to local/remote repositories, you need to use the release plugin which comes inside a plugin by default.

grails maven-install

The command is taken from release plugin to push your plugin to local maven repositories, if you have any.

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