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preemptive sorry for the newbie question.

I'm trying to load strings from a resource file in an iPhone project (XCode, Objective C++). I've created a file called s.strings with the following content:

   Created by Seva on 11/22/09.

The file is in UTF-16, it's in the Resources folder in the project, XCode treats it as "text.plist.strings". There are no localizations to this file.

Then I'm trying to load that string on application start:

NSString *s = NSLocalizedStringFromTable(@"a", @"s", nil);

No matter what I do, the value of s is "a", as opposed to "b".

I must be missing something very basic - any ideas, please, what's wrong in this trivial example?

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Each statement in the strings file needs to be terminated with a semicolon (;).

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Thanks, that was it. Hoping for a resource compilation error message was a vestige of prior Windows experience, I take it. Mac is far too user-friendly for such nastiness. – Seva Alekseyev Nov 29 '09 at 16:21
That's strange, I usually do get compilation errors if I miss a semicolon in the strings file. – Mihai Damian Nov 30 '09 at 7:39

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