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I have a workspace and a spring mvc 3.x web app as my project.

+ /workspace1
  + /project1    

I want to save my workspace into another directory and reference that same project directory and delete that old workspace directory.


   /code2  <-- New area for workspace
    + /workspace2 <-- The copied save as...worksace from worksace1

However, I want to delete the old workspace workspace one and reference that same project in the project directory.

    + /workspace2  <-- this should reference the project in project1
    + /project1

How can I accomplish this? I don't see a save as with eclipse and I would like to keep all my config/editor settings from my workspace instead of creating a new one to re-reference the project1.

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This is possible, but requires a few steps. First, move the whole workspace to code2. Then move the project from the workspace to code1. After that, open Eclipse with the moved workspace and reimport the project.

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awesome! worked great! QQ: I want to check in my workspace settings (server tomcat stuff/ports, and whatever else I need to recreate my workspace settings but there are a ton of temp files....so not sure what I should really be checking into svn. I don't want to check in thousands of temp files. Any advice? –  JaJ Aug 2 '13 at 15:46

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