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Good moring! I got a program when I used the CKEditor 4.2. The program is: I want to realize a customize button which like the B(bold) button which belong to the CKeditor. Now,I have been realized my button,and when I click it,the text Area of CKEditor will appent the word like'Hello'(code:CKEDITOR.instances.myEditor.insertHtml("Hello");) But,I do not know how to realized that when my mouse focus the 'Hello',my button's state is CKEDITOR.TRISTATE_ON.

//The Code is written here, which will be executed when the button is clicked 
var a= { 


b='myButton'; CKEDITOR.plugins.add( 'myButton', {

init: function( editor ) {

    editor.addCommand( 'b', a );

    editor.ui.addButton( 'myButton', {
        icon: this.path+'icons/image.png',

        label: '我的按钮',

        command: 'b'


}); })();

please help me quick! Thanks!

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