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I would need some guidelines from SignalR developers what is the best way to tweak HUB method's parameters serialization.

I started migrating my project from WCF polling duplex (Silverlight 5 - ASP.NET 4.5) to SignalR (1.1.2). The message (data contract) is polymorphic based on interfaces. (Like IMessage, MessageA : IMessage, etc. - there is actually hierarchy of interfaces implemented by classes but it is not of much significancy for the question). (I know polymorphic objects are not good for clients but client will handle it as JSON and mapping to objects is done only on server side or client if it is .NET/Silverlight)

On the hub I defined method like this:

public void SendMessage(IMessage data) { .. }

I created custom JsonConverters and verified the messages could be serialized/deserialized using Json.NET. Then I replaced JsonNetSerializer in DependencyResolver with proper settings. Similarly on the Silverlight client side. So far so good.

But when I sent the message from client to server (message got serialized to JSON correctly - verified in Fiddler), server returned error that the parameter cannot be deserialized. With a help of debugger I found a bug in SignalR (JRawValue class responsible for deserialization of parameter creates internally its own instance of JsonSerializer ignoring the provided one). Seemed to be quite easy fix by replacing

var settings = new JsonSerializerSettings
    MaxDepth = 20
var serializer = JsonSerializer.Create(settings);
return serializer.Deserialize(jsonReader, type);


var serializer = GlobalHost.DependencyResolver.Resolve<IJsonSerializer>();
return serializer.Parse(jsonReader, type);

but I also found that the interface IJsonSerializer is going to be removed in future version of SignalR. What I need, basically, is to get either raw JSON (or byte stream) from HUB method so I could deserialize it by myself or a possibility to tweak the serializer by specifying converters, etc.

For now I ended up with defining the method with JObject parameter type:

public void SendMessage(JObject data)

followed by manual deserialization of data using


method. But I would prefer to customize the serializer and having the type/interface on the hub method. What is the "right way" to do it regarding to design of next SignalR?

I also found useful to have possibility to send back to clients raw JSON from my code, i.e. so that the object is not serialized again by SignalR again. How could I achieve this?

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Good question. Sad to see no answers. I am also interested in implementing polymorphic message contracts. – Jacques Bosch Aug 25 '13 at 20:13

If you use connection API instead of Hub API, you can handle OnReceive event and get request as raw JSON (string). Take a look at this example.

Ability to send pre-serialised data to clients using Hub API was added in 2.x version and i don't know about any way to do that in 1.x (see github issue)

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