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I set my variable to bring an Inventory record (Inventory Table) over to my Production layout (Production Table) inserting that variable into its ID field. That works.

My problem is that I have Item, Color, Weight, Basis, Size fields that I need to pull the info from my inventory table to put in the Production layout using that ID number. (I know about portals but I would need multiple portals for this since I will be "importing" other info from my Inventory records and my customers records).

EDIT I think I might have answered my own question. I set variables for all fields I want to bring into the Production layout, Then use a script to set those fields by Calculation. Does that seem like the best way to go about this.?

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A relationship would work better.

Set $productionId = Production::id
Go To Layout "Inventory"
New Record
Set Field Inventory::productionId = $productionId
// now the relationship is valid between inventory and production
// you can copy fields over from the Production table, 
// or just reference them using the relationship
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