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please advise for the error indicated in the code below, why this happens? I'm new to C++.

I had a look on StackO, and MSDN also (link for example) but they've not helpful to me as I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.

HANDLE hToken;

if (!OpenProcessToken(GetCurrentProcess(), 
    return FALSE;

SetPrivilege(hToken,L"SeBackupPrivilege",1 );

BOOL SetPrivilege(
HANDLE hToken,          // access token handle
LPCTSTR lpszPrivilege,  // name of privilege to enable/disable
BOOL bEnablePrivilege   // to enable or disable privilege
LUID luid;

if ( !LookupPrivilegeValue( 
        NULL,            // lookup privilege on local system
        lpszPrivilege,   // privilege to lookup 
        &luid ) )        // receives LUID of privilege
    printf("LookupPrivilegeValue error: %u\n", GetLastError() ); 
    return FALSE; 

tp.PrivilegeCount = 1;
tp.Privileges[0].Luid = luid;
if (bEnablePrivilege)
    tp.Privileges[0].Attributes = SE_PRIVILEGE_ENABLED;
    tp.Privileges[0].Attributes = 0;

// Enable the privilege or disable all privileges.

   if ( !AdjustTokenPrivileges(
       NULL) )
      printf("AdjustTokenPrivileges error: %u\n", GetLastError() ); 
      return FALSE; 

if (GetLastError() == ERROR_NOT_ALL_ASSIGNED) // This is True. Why??

      printf("The token does not have the specified privilege. \n");
      return FALSE;

    The token does not have one or more of the privileges specified in the NewState parameter. 
    The function may succeed with this error value even if no privileges were adjusted. 
    The PreviousState parameter indicates the privileges that were adjusted.

return TRUE;
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You can't grant yourself privileges that you don't already have. Some other process (with higher privileges) has to grant them to you.

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Ok thank you. How does one do that? –  Nick Prowse Aug 2 '13 at 16:55
@NickProwse - What exactly are you trying to do that you need to grant backup privileges to some process? –  Eric Brown Aug 3 '13 at 6:14
I'm needing to backup the registry, which I understand I need the process to have SeBackupPrivilege to do this. –  Nick Prowse Aug 3 '13 at 10:51
@NickProwse And is this process running elevated? –  Eric Brown Aug 3 '13 at 17:09
No I don't think it is currently. Does it need to be? –  Nick Prowse Aug 3 '13 at 19:56

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