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I know specifically in iOS that it is possible for two native applications to be able to send data between themselves using a custom uri scheme applications register and use. I am building an application that natively runs on iOS as well as Android, and want to be able to send data to (and maybe from) the native application from a website on the phone.

There were two ways I was thinking of doing this. Sending the data from the website to a backend server that the native application would pickup in its own network connection. However I would much rather see if there is a way to send the data from the browser directly to the app locally.

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The question has been answered previously at android custom url scheme..?, not sure if you can apply this to your situation or not.

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I am curious if this forces the focus of the web browser to switch to the app automatically or if the app itself must perform some task to take focus from the web browser –  user2347250 Aug 2 '13 at 17:23

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