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Hi I have a new to backbone and I cant seem to get it working in my Rails app.

I am trying to create a model for a collection in my "posts/new" page.


class Poster.Views.PostsNew extends Backbone.View

  template: JST['posts/new']

    'submit #new_post': 'createPost'

  render: ->
    $(@el).html(@template(post: "NEW PAGE"))

  createPost: (event) ->
    if $('#new_post_title').val() == '' || $('#new_post_message').val() == '' 
        alert "Please fill out form"
    else @collection.create(title: $('#new_post_title').val(), message: $('#new_post_message').val()); $('#new_post')[0].reset(); Backbone.history.navigate("/posts", true)

Here is my posts_routes.js.coffee where I pass the @collection variable

class Poster.Routers.Posts extends Backbone.Router
        'posts/new': 'new'
        'posts/:id': 'show'

    initialize: ->
        @collection = new Poster.Collections.Posts()
        @collection.fetch({reset: true})

    index: ->
        view = new Poster.Views.PostsIndex(collection: @collection)

    show: (id) ->
        view = new Poster.Views.PostsShow()

    new: ->
        view = new Poster.Views.PostsNew(collection: @collection)
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