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I'm trying to create a release with maven-release-plugin. The goals I had executed are release:perpare and release:perform.

After maven creates the release and source jar, I get this memory error from javadoc execution.

 [INFO] javadoc: error - java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Please increase memory.
 [INFO] For example, on the Sun Classic or HotSpot VMs, add the option -J-Xmx
 [INFO] such as -J-Xmx32m.
  1. In build section I have this:

    org.apache.maven.plugins maven-release-plugin 2.4.1 @{project.artifactId}-version-@{project.version}

  2. I tried to configure javadoc execution on this ways a. org.apache.maven.plugins maven-javadoc-plugin 2.9 -J-Xmx1024M b.

    org.apache.maven.plugins maven-javadoc-plugin 2.9 1024M

Someone knows what I can do to solve this error?

Thanks! Juan Pablo Proverbio

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I solved it with this:


before the maven-release-plugin definition.

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